Our First Week 2016

We've had an awesome week! I'm so exhausted.

A Medieval Book List

Our new co-op, the Classical Village Academy, will be using Cycle 2 of the Classical Conversations Foundations Guide this coming year. I love this cycle. What's not to love? Middle Ages, Renaissance, princesses, kings, and dragons. (Well, maybe not so much historically, but fun nonetheless.)

Edification Vs Amusement

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Edification is the "building up of the soul." It's the word we've used this year to decide the fate in our home. We ask, "Is it edifying?" And then the answer decides whether or not that action continues. I dove into all of that in my first post about edification.


Isn't that a great word? Edifying, edification, edify. It's become our word for this year. Jeremy and I use it to decide the fate.

Leaving, and Beginning