Noemi and Esmond's School Plans

I'm working down to the wire this year; my plans are slow in getting started and have not been coming together quickly. Mostly because I keep finding more good books and then I have to squeeze them in somewhere. Noemi is probably going to be maxed out, but I can let her slide if need be. I just couldn't help myself!

On Memory

I've been thinking about memory lately, and I wanted to see if I could get my thoughts organized and coherent here.


At the beginning of 2019, I didn't have any resolutions to set. Mostly because I was about 3 weeks postpartum and couldn't even think about changing anything. The postpartum period is basically ruled by the little dictators and it's best if you don't have high expectations. If you don't expect to shower, you are thankful and surprised when a shower happens rather than snarling and demanding your right to shower. (Obviously, I have experience with the snarling. And also the thankfulness.)

Plutarch and Government

The kids and I are reading Plutarch's Lives and we just finished Numa Pompilius. I've already learned so much and there was one passage that particularly caught my eye.

Waiting for Space

In the Classical world of education, it can easily become overwhelming. Especially for us homeschool mom's who weren't classically educated. We have to study Homer, Shakespeare, Euclid, Plato, Plutarch, the Bible, Great Books, all of history, all of the art, all of the music (and learn to play an instrument!), and how many languages?