Plutarch and Government

The kids and I are reading Plutarch's Lives and we just finished Numa Pompilius. I've already learned so much and there was one passage that particularly caught my eye.

Waiting for Space

In the Classical world of education, it can easily become overwhelming. Especially for us homeschool mom's who weren't classically educated. We have to study Homer, Shakespeare, Euclid, Plato, Plutarch, the Bible, Great Books, all of history, all of the art, all of the music (and learn to play an instrument!), and how many languages?

Fear of the Sinful

In Out of the Silent Planet, Lewis talks a lot about fear and how fearful we earthlings are. We are terrified of aliens because we assume they would be the worst of us. They would come to take power and control. They would kill us mercilessly, or enslave us to do their work. This is exactly what we would do (and have done in the past). Lewis's point, I think, is that we really fear ourselves, that we project our own brokenness and sinfulness on God and those around us. So now I'm wondering, how many of my reactions are out of fear because I know what evil I could do?

The 2018 Books

When I was a kid, I loved to read. Inhaled books right and left. Then, when I was newly graduated, married, and started having babies, I didn't know what to read so I really didn't read much at all. A few years ago, I wanted to change that, so I made a rule that the only time I could eat chocolate was if I was reading.

So I started reading a lot.

Esmond's 2018-19 Plans

The stomach bug almost killed me this past weekend, but I survived and have finally finished Esmond's plans. Which means I'm done with school planning for the summer!