Till We Have Faces ~ A Book Review

I went to the library the other day with just the two big kids. I had a few minutes to pick out a book for myself, even though I've got a pile of books I'm already trying to read. But I wanted something that would keep me up at night, you know what I mean?

English Grammar

Ahh, English. You know, I read the other day that English is pretty remarkable in the language world for its longevity. And it is pretty cool that we can read Shakespeare that was written 400 years ago and still understand it (especially with a little practice). With that in mind, it's no wonder that the study of English can be daunting.

Lesson Learned on Week 4

This is just a quick post, but I had to share with you what a wonderful co-op we have! We took week 4 off, and I know that sounds so wimpy and early for taking a break. But it was just what we all needed!

The Ultimate Goal of Education

Big title, huh? It's something I'm thinking about tonight, and I've realized what my goal is for my kids' education. And I thought I would share.

The Curricula of 2016-2017

So far we love everything we are using. It's such a relief!

We've got 2 and a half students this year. Esmond is sort of a student, and sort of still a toddler. Noemi is still very much a toddler. So that'll be fun, of course. Esmond pretty much already knows everything he thinks he needs to know anyway. (Yes, he's going to be a fun student.) His work will be just learning to love being educated this year, which involves stories, books, and bribes. (If you say this memory work, you'll get a star!)