Mathematics ~ 2014-2015

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I have to start thinking of math as another language to study, one that is universal and uses different symbols for its written communication. And then I have to be excited about it. Hmm.

So for our curriculum, we're using Saxon and Ray's. We've been using in the years past Saxon as is, but it's been pretty miserable for us. Particularly Eowyn. Not because the work was too challenging for her, it's a bit too easy actually, but because she can't understand math the way Saxon explains it. And this is mostly because Saxon doesn't explain why we do the problems like this. It explains how. But for Eowyn and me, we need the why. So this is how our lessons would go. I would read the script, look up and expect her to get it. She wouldn't understand it, I would get slightly irritated, and then explain the lesson once again, but in the way she could understand. Me, being the smart, intellectual person that I am continued this exercise for several years. Until this summer's revelations began. I finally saw the problem. I could teach Eowyn and Gideon the math lesson without the script and they could understand the why. Hello!

The only problem will be in the future, when we get to harder math. So I've begun my studies now with Understanding Mathematics. Hopefully, I'll be able to stay two steps ahead of them.

Our Saxon lessons now are much quicker. I read through the lesson to myself, and explain the process to them, and then they do their workbook pages. We stopped going over all the counting, calendar work, and meeting stuff because we can do that much quicker and easier on our own. In the morning, we'll look at the family calendar, identify the date, review months, days, etc. and I'll have Eowyn write the date on something during the day. The counting we can skip because of our CC skip counting.

As for Ray's: I added Ray's to our line-up to optimize their mental math skills. Ray's is a nice simple curriculum that only uses one lesson per week. It also leaves room for math practice in the form of games, recipes, and art. They love it, and I think it is helping with their mental speed and practical application. I still have much to learn in math, so we'll see how it goes!

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