CC Cycle 3 Week 19 ~ The Plan

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These two weeks of break are stretching out before me as if an endless time of renewal and inspiration. It doesn't hurt that the kids are diving into their studies of WWII. It's so nice that God insisted on breaks, rests, to revitalize us. And it really does seem that the seventh day/week/year are the ones when we need the rest the most. I should pay more attention to that.

For week 19 we will begin our Latin and Greek studies again. I'll do a post eventually about how I'm doing these studies, but we aren't using curriculum until they are older, so it's just memorizing the alphabets and vocabulary. We'll continue our hymn study of "To God be the Glory," our memory work, copywork of Proverbs, math practice, Mystery of History, timeline song, and a story. We'll be switching back to some Shakespeare again, and this time I'll be using E. Nesbit's Shakespeare's Stories for Young Readers.

Saxon and Ray's for math, with my own teaching based on Arithmetic for Parents. (I highly recommend that book! It's been an eye-opener for me.)

Language studies will continue in their usual form: phonograms, Spalding spelling words, and McGuffey readers. And we'll still be listening to/reading Huckleberry Finn this week.

I might try to go for a hike on a "trail" for geography this week. That'll be fun. They'll also practice drawing/tracing their maps, and labeling everything we've learned in our memory work.

Science scares me again. But I'm sticking to the classical method which means the kids don't need to understand origins, they just need to know it. Is there a difference? Yes. Can I explain it? No. Maybe, I'll have to think about it. Which I'm going to do.

History is a bit harder than most weeks. Coloring pages for NATO? Nope. I'm going to base our history notebook pages off of the CC Connected tutorial page. We'll paste a copy of the soviet flag and a map of the countries of NATO. There is this website, the History of NATO, that I'll look through, it looked somewhat hopeful. Crash Course History has a video on the Cold War. (And I just figured out that they have a ton of other videos, not just history ones!) Some books are our last hope for making this week a little more interesting! The library has America and the Cold War, and I have Spying and the Cold War. Well, we tried; it's a tough week to make exciting and fun.

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