CC Cycle 3 Week 24 ~ The Plan

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The last week of CC! And I'm totally going to be late writing this post. I'm just kind of straggling to the finish line. But I made it! We made it!

Who's secretly planning Cycle 1 already for next year? I just had my very first thought about it today when the kids and I were preparing their presentations for tomorrow. We decided they should talk about their favorites from this year, and we pulled out the history notebooks for them to look through and remember all the things we did in history. It was such a nice time! They loved looking over all their pictures and writings. So now I want to do a notebook for EVERYTHING.

I'm going to try to finish strong this week so that we can officially start breaking next week. I like the 6 weeks on, 1 week off routine because it follows along with God's commandments about Sabbath rests. But I usually take the 6th week off, and not the 7th. I'm going to try to reverse that this time around. So we'll be doing our normal morning meeting routines, copywork, memory work, timeline, Shakespeare's Stories, math practice, Latin & Greek (and I have a post up of how I'm going about our Latin & Greek studies), Mystery of History, calendar study, and our hymn study of the Doxology.

Math: We'll study the identity laws, why they work the way they do, using beans. And we'll do our regular work in Saxon and Ray's. And yes, I'm still reading Arithmetic for Parents.

Reading: Little Women. Gideon told his class that one of his favorite books this year is Little Women. The dramatic reading on Librivox is awesome!

Spelling: Spalding phonograms and spelling words, and McGuffey Readers

Science: We'll do the memory work, talk about the science experiments, and looks over our CC Science cards. And then I will have all summer to get ready for next year's science. Sweet relief!

Geography: We'll do the same as last week, make a plan for traveling to each of the features, check out pictures of each, and draw and label our maps.

History Notebooks: We'll finish out our American History Notebooks with the Bill of Rights, copying them down, and drawing pictures of our interpretation of each bill. We'll also paste in some images of the Bill of Rights and our founders signing the Bill of Rights. We'll read Our Freedom Amendments, which is Kindle book you can borrow for free on Amazon. (I don't know that I would pay for it, since it's kind of hard to read with the background.) We'll also read The Bill of Rights. I have loved these notebooks, and I can't wait to make them even better next year.

What are your plans? Will you do any schooling over the summer? Generally, we do another 12 week quarter in the middle of summer when it's too hot to be outside for some of the day. I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks planning that session, and starting to plan next year as well. I'm going to be the director for our CC community next year, so I have a lot to do!

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