The Beginning of Latin

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So Latin...

It's a complex subject.

This post will introduce you to how I'm doing Latin here. I've written about why and what my plans are for Latin HERE, but briefly, Latin is, well I'm just going to say it, essential to a classical education. (And I would also add that Greek is as well. But that's another post.) Not everyone wants to, can, or will study Latin, and it is not essential for the classical method. There's a slight distinction between the classical method and a classical education. The method is a way to learn; the education is what is learned.

So Latin is essential. Now, I have not learned Latin, I'm basing most of my assumptions about Latin off my experience with Greek and my studies in the history of Rome and the Church. Latin and Greek are the highest order of language. They have ways of saying things and communicating ideas that the English language cannot comprehend or translate. Learning Latin and Greek will give us the ability to at least understand those deepest of thoughts and feelings.

In the post I mentioned above, I went into more depth about why we need to study Latin. Here we are working under the assumption that we are in agreement that Latin is essential. So what do we do about that?

I've written about the classical method HERE (the What), HERE (the Why), and HERE (the How). We must begin with the grammar of Latin. Now, I'm using the Henle Latin books. The kids will use these when they get older, and if I can go ahead and give them the memory work from their future books, they will have a much easier time of it. Each Latin post will go over a lesson from Henle. What things we need to pull out to teach the kids, what things I'm studying. Any helps I can give, or ideas to make it easier.

I'm excited about the accountability I'll have here. I'd love it if we could form a book club of sorts, but we shall see. If you'd like to join me, let me know in the comments! Let's learn Latin!

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  1. I love the distinction you make between method and education. I think that is the way I will explain it to people in the future. Thanks. I am also thinking about how to prep my kids for Latin but I am using Visual Latin and Lingua Latina to prepare for the Vulgate. Look forward to seeing how that compares with Henle.