Our Homeschool 2015-2016

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Now that I have our reading list and independent binders (post coming soon) squared away, it's time to lay out the rest of my plans for this year! I don't have to spend quite as much time on this part of the plans because I'll work out the weekly plans on a weekly basis, this is just the general idea stage.

I want our life to be rhythmic this year, so I'm asking for a clock that chimes the hours for my birthday (in September). I want to use it to mark the hours, so that we'll be alerted when it's time move on and let go. We've been practicing by setting an alarm every hour, and it's a nice little stop. Gives us a small new start, every hour.

The Weekly Schedule

Our weekly schedule will be different because of Eowyn's first year of Essentials. Our CC group is too small for an Essentials class, so we'll be going to Essentials on Monday afternoons, and doing Foundations on Tuesday mornings. I'm planning on doing school work on Monday mornings, but won't plan any for Tuesday afternoons, which means I am losing an afternoon of work. We'll still have 4 mornings though, for the 3 R's (or, rather, the important things), and our three afternoon sessions will be used for the extra subjects.

The Daily Schedule

First thing, we'll have our Morning Meeting. I'll be doing the readings in a loop schedule.
Math, to get it over with be energized to meet it first thing in the morning!
  • Saxon (5/4 for Eowyn, 3 for Gideon)
  • Ray's (memorizing the multiplication tables and games)
  • Mounce's Basic Greek: alphabet, vocabulary, conjugations, and declensions
  • Henle Latin 1: alphabet, vocabulary, conjugations, and declensions
During lunch, we'll do our reading list. I'm planning on taking a 2 hour lunch to account for clean up and the little's naptime. While I'm getting the littles down, the bigs will do their independent work and listen to Mystery of History.

English will come next. Eowyn will of course have the Essentials work to do. The first year is mostly memorizing the charts, so we'll be working hard on that, but I'll also be having her work on her spelling notebook during this time. I didn't realize that the EEL would have it's own spelling rule list, but I love it. (It includes the schwa!) So I'll be changing how I teach Gideon as well, rather than using Spalding's Writing Road to Reading. I'll still use her method, phonograms, and spelling lists, but I'll use the EEL's spelling rules to create our own spelling notebooks.
  • Essentials work for Eowyn
  • Spelling, handwriting, and reading (McGuffey's) for Gideon
Finally, we'll have either history or science. Last year, I dedicated an afternoon to geography and one to art, but this year I'm going to concentrate on geography during the independent work, and art appreciation will be incorporated into history, and drawing into science. I'm going to do two history sessions and one science. (We'll already have done our science experiments on our CC day.)

For History:
  • History notebooks (memory sentence, quotes, pictures, drawings, timeline, maps, etc.)
  • Reading picture books relevant to our history sentence
  • Art from the time period
For Science:
  • Nature journals ~ We'll rotate on a four week cycle, drawing either 1) an animal, 2) a plant, 3) some aspect of geology (a rock), and 4) the sky, or clouds. These are roughly the science topics our science sentences will cover, and I'd like to rotate them like this so we aren't drawing just plants in the fall, etc.
  • The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way ~ Per a reviewer, I don't plan on reading the Christian part of this book, which she says are the last 80 pages. I have plans to read the Genesis of Science during Cycle 2, which will cover that time period without the bias.
I'm also going to be more diligent about adding training for our bodies to our days this year. At the beginning of the year, we'll be playing soccer (I'm coaching!!), but on days when we aren't practicing or playing, I'm going to have us workout for 30 minutes a day. (Either in the early mornings, or in the evenings, depending on Jeremy's schedule.) After reading Expanding Wisdom's posts about classical education, I've come to the conclusion that training our bodies will be good for training our characters. (Self control produces endurance, etc. 2 Peter 1, Titus.) We'll be running or doing some yoga (the kids love doing Cosmic Kids Yoga videos).

Marking the Hours

We'll leave an hour for each of the subjects. If we finish before the hour is up, we'll have free time until the next hour is marked, and if we don't finish, we'll know right where to start the next day. There's no reason to hurry through our books. And I refuse to allow math to take two hours this year. Each hour will begin with a quick moment of prayer, for forgiveness for the previous and strength for the next. This is important for me and for them.
I'm so glad to get the planning over with, and now I'm excited to write it all down in my new planner, and start doing it! We officially start August 17th. When are you starting?


  1. This sounds like a great list! My kids just started nature journals and are really enjoying them!

    1. That's one of the things I'm most excited about! It's our first year, and I'm so glad to NOT be stressing over science.

  2. What an interesting curriculum! I've been thinking of starting Latin this year but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything we want.
    We follow waldorf curriculum so we are big on rhyme and rhythm, but that clock idea didn't work for me. It made me feel like the time was moving way to fast and i was always behind schedule!

    I found your blog on mom2mom.

    1. That's the problem with the hours, isn't it? Never enough for everything. I've tried to be very deliberate about what I really want in our hours, so that they don't get lost. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I love just looking at every one's curriculum. It's a great place to find fresh ideas! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from Mom2Mom

  4. It's so lovely that hymn study is part of the curriculum :) Such a good idea.

    "Encourage one another with psalms, hymns and other spiritual songs." (Ephesians 5:19a).

  5. Wow, I'm in awe, I'm not as organised as this, maybe it would help. Thank you for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  6. Sounds like you are prepared! I am no wear near organized. I live vicariously through others ;-) Thanks for linking up #Mom2Mom