Greek ~ Noun Memory Work

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Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek is a great Greek text. It simplifies the memory work as best it can, and is very thorough and easy to understand. Of course, we begin with nouns. My object in teaching the kids Greek is not to teach them how to translate (yet!), but instead to teach them the grammar of Greek. And first we must figure out what the grammar of Greek is!

Mounce, like I said, breaks the memory work down to a minimum. For nouns, the memory work assignment is only the Master Case Ending chart, 8 Noun Rules, and the Definite Article. Not too bad, right?

My original plan was just to give the kids the memory work as I came to it in the lessons, but Mounce breaks the memory work down in each lesson to explain it. Which is great for the Greek learner, but may get confusing for the Greek memorizer. (Not a word. I just made it up.)

I've decided to begin with the definite article. It's fairly simple to memorize, and will help in memorizing the noun declension endings. Mounce has his students memorize the declension endings across, rather than down. So instead of memorizing all the masculine endings, we memorize all the nominative endings together. The gender doesn't matter nearly as much as the declension in translation.

I found a few things to help with our memory work. One, this is by Mounce himself to help visual learners. Another from Mounce, this is a summary of the Basics of Biblical Greek.

Some songs of the definite articles:
  1. Fast, but uses the Doxology tune (down the chart)
  2. Slower, but a little too much song (down the chart)
  3. This one goes across the chart, rather than down. But...
  4. And this is the one I will use (skipping the intro)
In addition to the noun memory work, we will also begin studying and memorizing the vocabulary. I will just follow the lessons in our vocabulary study. I bought these flashcards forever ago for my own studies, and the kids are loving them. We read the Greek together, or they attempt to on their own, and then they try so hard to guess the meaning. Every time Gideon hears apostolos (I'm sorry that's not in Greek letters), he yells "pasta!"

He makes me smile. And shake my head. Greek is so fun, I love studying it again.


  1. Very jealous of your kids, and want to enroll in your homeschool!

  2. Studying Greek by focusing on the memorizing sounds like a great way to start with young kids! I love your idea of starting with the definite articles. Are you able to move as quickly as you planned?

    1. It's going really well! They love the mystery of the Greek words.