Nature Walks & Adventures

We've had a wonderful week, full of science! (In fact, a little science that was...disenchanting.) The sun came out after almost two weeks of rains, and the kids couldn't stay inside.
The kids found a baby turtle in the woods. They said they found it on the bank of the "river" (aka ditch). Gideon started trying to feed it, and figured out pretty quickly that thing loved bugs of all types. The turtle snapped any insect Gideon held up to it's face.
They built an environment for him, hoping to keep him long enough to take to CC for their presentations. (But then let him out to do some exploring, and forgot about him, and lost him. We still don't know what in the world we are now going to be doing for presentations.) He was a cute little box turtle.
They also found these mushrooms that look like a loaf of bread. A bunch of different mushrooms have been popping up, but these were new. (Apparently, they are edible too. We didn't try it though.)

With all these fascinating new finds, we brought out the nature journals.

And then, since it was so beautiful, and I was feeling rather generous, I let them bring out the watercolors too.

Picture heavy post, but it really was such a lovely week! We were on fall break, so we had a little extra time, and the weather was perfect for days spent outside.

Our nature journals have been great this year. This is my first year trying them, but I love how it combines science and drawing into one activity. I try to ask the kids pointed questions about the details. What are the colors, shapes, etc.? Gideon noticed the turtle used all the OiLs shapes. Then we can also come inside to do some research and identification. We didn't this week though. I think we must have just gotten too distracted.

We start back on Monday, and it's only 6 more weeks until Christmas break. (Can you believe how soon Christmas is?) I hope you're week was as engaging!

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