Our First Week 2016

We've had an awesome week! I'm so exhausted.

Just kidding. Well, not really. It has been good. I am so pleased with our curriculum this year. I've asked the kids every night what was the best part of their day. And Gideon keeps saying he loved it all. Eowyn says she loves Greek best. But there have been no tears, no stress, no groaning. (Except from Esmond.)

I've decided that I don't want our school hours to be taken up with anything that does not delight us. It can, and should, challenge us. But learning is wonderful. And if something makes us think learning is not wonderful, then it is false. This year Eowyn is 10 and in 5th grade, Gideon is 8 and in 3rd, and Esmond is 3 (almost 4) with an odd birthday in November that left me with a conundrum. So instead of leaving off a year, we decided to let him start with very little expectation. (And it's a good thing, because so far he is not at all interested in the home part of schooling. But definitely wants to be ready for his presentation at the Village.)

Anyway, our first week was, well actually, it was attacked. The littles got a nasty cold. Bad germs and bad spirits came into the house. Today we stayed home from church (because everyone is still coughing) and walked through the house with a candle, praying and blessing our home and hopefully expelling all the bad germs and spirits. Because those need to get OUT. (Mama's going crazy.)

Because of the cold, Esmond had to miss his very first day of school. He was miserable, and I was grieved to miss our first day of co-op too. My Mom and my MIL helped me, because I did have to be there at times. I was there for the morning meeting, and then for my afternoon Grammar class. For the most part though, Esmond, Noemi, and I sat around and watched 2 hours of Sarah and Duck. (It's one of the best shows on Netflix.)

So it was hard and good, but the hard parts weren't due to the schooling parts. The schooling parts were beautiful. There isn't much I need to change, although I did realize a couple of things. Like Wednesdays are heavily dependent on my being available for the older kids. Thursdays and Fridays are less dependent on me. Which is nice. And it may be that Wednesdays are lesser too, after this first week.

So let's see what our weekly schedule looks like:


We only have a half day on Mondays because I go to a part time job on Monday afternoons. So the mornings are spent getting ready for our Village day (preparing presentations, gathering our supplies, packing lunches and snacks, etc.), and doing a few school subjects. Morning Feast (or morning meeting), math, and writing.


Village day! This is most likely going to be our favorite day of the week. (I can't wait until I get to go!) We have Morning Meeting, Art, and Music the first hour, presentations and new memory work the second hour, science and review the third hour. We take an hour for lunch, and then the afternoon session lasts for 2 hours. We study grammar, math, and writing.


I have a lot of work to do on Wednesdays. I give the kids their new spelling words, we read our literature study (Adam of the Road) and pick out the vocabulary words, we figure out what math concept they are each learning and how they are going to learn it. I help them organize the work for the rest of the week. Wednesday is when we get plan the rest of the week and how we're going to get there. Wednesdays are also soccer practice days for the older kids and me. I coach Gideon's team.


It slows down a bit on Thursdays. The kids can study their own spelling words, etc. The math concepts just have to be studied, and if understanding isn't happening I do need to help bring that about. 


Fridays are much like Thursdays, we just keep going. I'll have a post up soon of what our curricula are, and what studies we are doing.

So that's how it looks like our weeks will be panning out. My overall focus for this year is to learn to live liturgically, with piety, and self-control. I also hope to start internalizing saying "yes" to God, rather than "no" to the world. These are as much for me as for the kids.

More details to come and hopefully I'll be more in the place to take pictures too, but in the mean time tell me, how your first week went? 

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