Lesson Learned on Week 4

This is just a quick post, but I had to share with you what a wonderful co-op we have! We took week 4 off, and I know that sounds so wimpy and early for taking a break. But it was just what we all needed!

At the end of week 2, my house had severe plumbing problems, which prevented me from being able to clean the house or do the laundry. So we made it to the co-op for week 3, but the rest of week three was spent cleaning up, catching up, and also a doctor's appointment. I was so glad I didn't have to stress about schooling!

Then, for week 4, instead of class, we held a dinner and a concert. We invited extended families to come join us, and had a potluck dinner. We called it a formal, but it was a fun formal. We didn't have to look perfect, and most of the girls wore their princess gowns that they never get to wear out. Of course, they loved it, and looked beautiful too. For the concert, we watched a few songs from a Celtic Woman DVD. The kids sat there, and watched, and clapped at the end of the songs, and then, when the boys started getting wiggly, we stopped the DVD. The kids begged for the first song to be replayed so that they could dance to it. And we let them.

It was so much fun. I was overwhelmed with just the whole night. We were not stressing about the kids' clothes or appearances. We weren't even stressing about their behavior. We weren't stressing about getting to dinner on time. Or that everyone had to sit down to watch the whole hour and a half DVD. Or that tonight was going to be anything but just community having fun together.

It was wonderful.

And when we finally got the house back in order, and were able to once again pick up some books, one of our mornings was spent learning about castles. We read Castle by David Macaulay, and watched Secrets of the Castle on YouTube, and then got out the paper and tape. (Much better to use tape then glue for my sanity.) We made castle models, simple but fun. The kids are planning on building a medieval castle with their Legos at the co-op now too. (We brought half of our Legos to the co-op for the kids to play with during lunch.)

Lesson learned? Take breaks often.

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