Eowyn's 2018-2019 Plans

I'm going to share Eowyn's because I finished those first.

She is repeating 6th grade this year. She's the oldest is our co-op so she's joining the class under her so that she will have kids in her class. Plus, a family joined our co-op with a girl a year younger than Eowyn and they are pretty much best friends already. I've been praying for a friend for Eowyn for a long time, so it's a sweet answer to prayer.

That said, even if it is a repeat year, it's going to be a bit harder. Nothing she can't handle, but I still want a little challenge for her. I've picked out some good books for her that I'm excited for her to read and for me to read with her.


She'll be reading a few ancient books, like Arrian's and Apollonius's above, but also Eusebius's The Church History. We'll listen to the audiobook of a couple of those above (Mythology and Eye of the Beholder) because they are also on Gideon's list.

You might notice I don't have any textbooks on her list. While textbooks would be much simpler to use, I feel like we haven't ever had any success with them. It's much more interesting to read good non-fiction books about our subjects.

We'll only do one book in Writing and Rhetoric this year. It'll be the first book for seventh grade, but since we'll be doing seventh grade next year and the second book isn't even out yet, we'll stretch it out for her actual seventh-grade year.

Last year, I loved Memoria Press's Elementary Greek. I didn't love Classical Academic Press's Latin. At this point, Latin and Greek just need to be gentle, fun introductions. Memoria Press's had about 5 vocabulary words per week to learn, plenty of reviews, and a really good workbook. So we're switching to their First Form Latin this year. 

I found this post at So Every Day on how to geography that I'm going to follow by just letting the kids label maps every day. Eowyn and I enjoyed our Plutarch studies last year through Ambleside Online, but this year we've bought the Modern Library Classics Plutarch's Lives editions and are going to read from there. I am using Ambleside's Bible reading plan. It looks like a lot, but by 11th grade, Eowyn will have read the entire Bible. She looked it over and thinks she'll be able to do it.

All that said, here are the plans for the year on Google docs!

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