Gideon's 2018-2019 Plans

For Gideon, who will be doing his 5th grade year, I used some of Eowyn's books and then gave Gideon some of his own. His 4th grade year was a big year for him. At the beginning of the year, he wouldn't do any school work unless I was sitting next to him. But we worked through the year on making him more independent, and sure enough by the end, he was doing much of his work on his own.

Thank goodness.

I try to pick out books that each kid will enjoy, some challenging and some easy. I bought The Kingfisher History this year and I'm pretty sure it'll be right for Gideon. When he picks out books at the library, they are almost all like encyclopedias. Lots of pictures, inset explanations, and kind of a broad overview of the material.

His booklists also include:


He's been confident in his reading for a while now, but this summer he's picking up the speed a little. He's working his way through some good books and getting faster with each one. Reading takes so much practice! Gideon has always been a natural narrator. He will tell me all the details of each book he reads until I don't really feel like I need to read the book. (Esmond is not like this, so far. It's difficult to get Esmond to listen to even a sentence and tell me about it.) Since he's picking up the speed, his book list is heavier than last years'. I'm pretty confident he'll be able to handle it.

Gideon will do the same geography as Eowyn, although I also have Draw Africa in case. I need to find him some easy drawing instructions. He's going to start Plutarch, although he'll move at a slower pace than Eowyn.

We'll be moving into the second year of Elementary Greek, and will begin our second first year of Latin with First Form Latin this time. We'll continue using Duolingo for Spanish (and French for Eowyn). It's handsfree for me, and they are getting a little of the language so I'm pleased with it.

His church history reading will be Adam and His Kin and The First Christians. We've read both of these before, but he was three years younger. His Bible reading is also getting a little more serious, although not too challenging. He will also be joining Eowyn and I in reading our Shakespeare plays.

So, he's getting more challenged this year. Sometimes he doesn't react well to challenges, he prefers to succeed or shutdown, but he needs to learn how to rise. It's not such a challenge that he won't be able to succeed, so I'm hoping he'll learn to rise to the challenge this year.

I think that's about it, so here are Gideon's plans on Google docs!

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