Esmond's 2018-19 Plans

The stomach bug almost killed me this past weekend, but I survived and have finally finished Esmond's plans. Which means I'm done with school planning for the summer!

Well, except for getting ready for co-op. But hopefully, I'll be able to whiz through that.

These plans take a lot of work, but they pay for themselves during the year when I don't have to figure out what we're doing. For Esmond, I decided to plan for only 24 weeks instead of 36. I figured out this past year that he is still young enough for 24 weeks, so every third week in his plans is blank. We can use that week to review, make-up any missed work, or just take it off. He'll still be participating in our morning meeting and co-op, which is plenty. I think the week's off will also help him absorb any new knowledge.

He helped me pick out some of his books (and then he got really excited and picked out way more than we could read). He also knocked some of my choices out. I'm still trying to introduce him to a love of hearing stories and books, so I'm ok with this. He's a tough one because if he loves the book, he wants to hear it 30 times in a row. If he doesn't love it, he won't listen at all.

Yes, he needs to learn to listen and love books that don't initially interest him. But first it's important to learn to listen and that's best done by playing to their interests. And this is completely fine! He is interested in good books, like Winnie-the-Pooh and the Beatrix Potter Tales. Last year he adored Hiawatha and hated Charlotte's Web. (Yes, really. I couldn't believe it either.) So we'll just cater to that for another year and see if I can pique his interest in a few other things.

Some of the morning feast books I've picked out are picture books of the myths. These are for Esmond and Noemi, and I'm so excited about them! Eowyn and Gideon will enjoy them as well, of course, but I tried to find beautiful books. Noemi will be working alongside Esmond this year, although she'll not need to concentrate on a few things. She loves listening to books though and was very concerned about getting her school books in order.

Morning Feast

We'll be using the first twenty-four lessons of Charlotte Mason's Elementary Geography (free at Ambleside Online). I'm also switching him to French. I found some lessons on BBC Primary Lessons and I'm hoping Eowyn will be able to help him a bit more here. I decided to switch to French when I thought about all the literature out there with little French sayings or words that I never knew. I don't expect my kids to be fluent, by any means, but knowing a little bit will help. 

Eowyn also helps Esmond with ukulele practice. We've found tons of simple lesson videos on Youtube. I think Esmond will have some musical ability. He loves playing with music more so than my other two did at his age. He asked for his "guitar" for Christmas, so since he has it we'll see if we can learn to play it. 

Math is still very simple for him. He'll be learning how to count, what numbers mean, and how to write them. Then we'll start with Practical Arithmetics Book 1 and only do chapter 1. Nice and slow. He loves listening to the Life of Fred books, so we'll read Apples again.

I'm still trying to keep this year mostly playful. Of course, we'll be using Spalding's method again to learn to spell and eventually read. We'll do nature walks with Exploring Nature with Children again, maybe even start drawing this year (and maybe we won't). It's going to be a good year.

Here are Esmond's Plans on Google Docs!

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