Noemi and Esmond's School Plans

I'm working down to the wire this year; my plans are slow in getting started and have not been coming together quickly. Mostly because I keep finding more good books and then I have to squeeze them in somewhere. Noemi is probably going to be maxed out, but I can let her slide if need be. I just couldn't help myself!

We're studying the Middle Ages and World history this year. I love sharing stories with my kids. Maybe too much. I love reading the old stories with them. We had such a wonderful year last year reading all the old stories. So we've got lots of picture books to read together. And most of those are for morning feast too, so that everyone will get to enjoy them. (Eowyn and Gideon always gravitate to the couch when the littles and I are reading a good picture book anyway.)

The stories from these ages are fairy stories. So we're reading stories from Grimm, Anderson, and fairy stories from around the world. We reading Arthurian stories, and Shakespeare, and Chaucer. It's going to be so much fun!

Noemi is just starting out officially. She's been tagging along for a while now, but since she's official now she gets her very own plan. It's light and easy, slow and steady (except for the books). We'll be starting her on the Writing Road to Reading, doing some memory work, a little bit of number work, I'm going to try to give her and Esmond a really good year of French, and books, books, books.

Esmond, being that he's officially starting 1st grade, will be tackling a few more subjects, like history and geography, and hopefully, his reading skills will take off. We shall see. I really love the Practical Arithmetic I found last year, so he will continue in those lessons.

A few of the books I'm most excited about:

Because of the number of picture books for the morning feast, I decided to use the basket idea. I put them all in the basket and we'll pick one out each week. If we need more than a week to read one, we can take it. If one doesn't grab our attention (I'm looking at you, Medieval Medicine), we'll lay it back. (I know, my kids love that one.)

My plans for French include a story, a cartoon, and a movie on Netflix every week. They really enjoyed listening to the stories on The French Experiment last year. I'd love for them to get comfortable listening to French. That's my goal, I think.

I added Christmas books to our plans to make sure I get those read. I am bad about putting those off until Christmas break and then we're so busy I only get a couple read.

I have separate plans for each. Noemi's reading and writing schedules are much slower, and Esmond has a few more books to work with. He's gaining in responsibility. Much to his chagrin. Noemi's schedule holds the master plan for our morning feast and also for the kids Bible reading (which is from Ambleside Online).

Here are Noemi's plans!

And here are Esmond's plans!

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