About Me

Hello, and welcome to Grammarlings!

I'm Jennifer.

(I feel like I'm in one of those awkward meet-and-greets when you are supposed to tell 5 unique things about yourself. I can never think of anything unique about myself.)

Let's see. 

I have goats! But that's about the only unique thing about me.

I created Grammarlings because I like writing, I like studying language, I like studying Classical education, and I like sharing what I'm learning. I also love teaching my kids, and anybody else I can get to sit in a desk in front of me.

We are building a homestead here, and I write about that over at Homesteading on Grace. But here, I get to write about our home school. I'm learning so much as I try to teach my children. And this year we are starting a new Classical co-op with our friends called the Classical Village Academy. So I'm learning even more about building community. And it's good.

We started homeschooling with Classical Conversations, and are still using their memory work. But now we are a bit more free to lean in some other directions. A little Charlotte Mason, a little Scholé, a little more community. We are loving it.

Here are some of my beliefs about education:

  • Firstly, learning is a wonderful habit. If something makes learning seem not so wonderful, it is false. Challenging is good, but boring is not. (And challenging beyond ability is also not good.)
  • I really wish my home were like a monastery. So that's what I work toward.
  • Education should bring about humility in her students. We need to know that we are small, and wrong, and even unholy, but even so! we have a Most Holy God Who loves us.
  • Edifying is likely the most beautiful word I can use to describe a Classical education. I love that word.

And some fast facts about myself:

  • We have 5 kids, and have given them all beautifully unusual names to make up for my own very common name: Eowyn, Gideon, Esmond, Noemi, and Elinor (if you'll notice, all four names have e, o, and n in them. We're running out names now though, so if there's another one he or she will be Leon.)
  • Jeremy and I have been married almost 15 years now.
  • I love playing soccer, so I coach Gideon's team so that I can play again. I am really good compared to 8 yr olds.
  • We moved into our dream home a couple years ago. It's a 100-year-old house on a few acres that we are remodeling and building our homestead on. We love it here.

I'm so glad you've found my little corner of the internet. I'd like this to be a place of conversation, so please chime in! Let's learn together. If you'd like to keep up with new posts and join in the conversations, you can follow the Grammarlings Facebook page, or subscribe for email updates.