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Waiting for Space

In the Classical world of education, it can easily become overwhelming. Especially for us homeschool mom's who weren't classically educated. We have to study Homer, Shakespeare, Euclid, Plato, Plutarch, the Bible, Great Books, all of history, all of the art, all of the music (and learn to play an instrument!), and how many languages?

Living Classical Education

On December 16, I was 14 weeks pregnant and at the hospital having a miscarriage. I was (still am) devastated. This story is about how Christ saved me after my miscarriage through my own classical education.

A First Couple of Weeks

Our first week is behind us now. And I say that with a sigh of relief. We got everything done! I didn't plan or require too much. It was a good week, even if the first week is always a little taxing. The older kids weren't as shocked at the rude arrival of academic life as they have been in the past, and as the littles were this week. I think the older kids actually enjoyed themselves.

How to Teach Writing Skills

Can you imagine taking a class to learn how to knit and ride a unicycle at the same time? It makes me giggle to think about. But that's what I think about when I'm teaching the kids.

If we wanted to learn to knit while riding a unicycle, we would have to master each of the skills separately before we could combine them. We wouldn't practice riding while we're learning to hold the needles. No, we would first learn to ride masterfully, and then to knit again masterfully, and then we would finally combine.

Lesson Learned on Week 4

This is just a quick post, but I had to share with you what a wonderful co-op we have! We took week 4 off, and I know that sounds so wimpy and early for taking a break. But it was just what we all needed!

The Ultimate Goal of Education

Big title, huh? It's something I'm thinking about tonight, and I've realized what my goal is for my kids' education. And I thought I would share.

The Curricula of 2016-2017

So far we love everything we are using. It's such a relief!

We've got 2 and a half students this year. Esmond is sort of a student, and sort of still a toddler. Noemi is still very much a toddler. So that'll be fun, of course. Esmond pretty much already knows everything he thinks he needs to know anyway. (Yes, he's going to be a fun student.) His work will be just learning to love being educated this year, which involves stories, books, and bribes. (If you say this memory work, you'll get a star!)

Our First Week 2016

We've had an awesome week! I'm so exhausted.

Edification Vs Amusement

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Edification is the "building up of the soul." It's the word we've used this year to decide the fate in our home. We ask, "Is it edifying?" And then the answer decides whether or not that action continues. I dove into all of that in my first post about edification.


Isn't that a great word? Edifying, edification, edify. It's become our word for this year. Jeremy and I use it to decide the fate.

Leaving, and Beginning

Using Chimes in the Home School

Week 1 Recap!

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Our Homeschool 2015-2016

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Summer Plans

The Doxology ~ A Hymn Study

Art Studies

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