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Eowyn's Sixth Grade Plans

My baby just turned 11 this weekend! It's hard to swallow, but there it is. As an 11 year old, she'll be tackling her sixth-grade work. I'm excited for her, and a little nervous too. She'll need to really buckle down this year, and she's not always one to enjoy buckling down. She's learning though. Doing the dishes is teaching her a lot about life, servitude, attitude, and loving well.

Gideon's Fourth Grade Plans

So Gideon is entering fourth grade this year. One of the things I've realized this summer with him is that he doesn't remember all the books he's read/listened to. I had checked those off our list because he was always there when we were reading them with Eowyn. But now he tells me he doesn't really remember the Little House books. What!? The books that impacted us in such gigantic ways that we now have goats and chickens?!

Esmond's Kindergarten

Apparently, the next school year is going to begin soon. Our co-op is actually beginning on August 1, much to the children's delight (I said that right, they are thrilled we're going to start earlier). So with that date looming on the horizon, I needed to start making my plans for our homeschool.

Inspiring Anew the Homeschool Mom

We went on vacation to my grandparents' lake house, and I diligently planned my own vacation for this trip. It made such a difference! Jeremy gets to fish, cook, and take the kids fishing. Usually, I just go with the flow and do the laundry. You know what I mean? I usually keep doing the same mothering just in a different place.