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Reading List 2017

I got a little excited reading some other people's reading lists, and decided I might should make my own. I've never done one, so I'm not even sure how I'll feel about it. I usually just read the next thing that comes along, but some books I need to read get pushed to the back burner because of more exciting reads (right now it's On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness).

Till We Have Faces ~ A Book Review

I went to the library the other day with just the two big kids. I had a few minutes to pick out a book for myself, even though I've got a pile of books I'm already trying to read. But I wanted something that would keep me up at night, you know what I mean?

The Curricula of 2016-2017

So far we love everything we are using. It's such a relief!

We've got 2 and a half students this year. Esmond is sort of a student, and sort of still a toddler. Noemi is still very much a toddler. So that'll be fun, of course. Esmond pretty much already knows everything he thinks he needs to know anyway. (Yes, he's going to be a fun student.) His work will be just learning to love being educated this year, which involves stories, books, and bribes. (If you say this memory work, you'll get a star!)

A Medieval Book List

Our new co-op, the Classical Village Academy, will be using Cycle 2 of the Classical Conversations Foundations Guide this coming year. I love this cycle. What's not to love? Middle Ages, Renaissance, princesses, kings, and dragons. (Well, maybe not so much historically, but fun nonetheless.)

Mercy Watson ~ A Book Review

Teaching to Read, Write, & Spell

Myths vs. Saints ~ A Reading List

10 Toddler Books that are Fun to Read!

Summer Plans

The Doxology ~ A Hymn Study

A Book Review ~ Percy Jackson & the Olympians

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