Reading List 2017

I got a little excited reading some other people's reading lists, and decided I might should make my own. I've never done one, so I'm not even sure how I'll feel about it. I usually just read the next thing that comes along, but some books I need to read get pushed to the back burner because of more exciting reads (right now it's On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness).

How to Teach Writing Skills

Can you imagine taking a class to learn how to knit and ride a unicycle at the same time? It makes me giggle to think about. But that's what I think about when I'm teaching the kids.

If we wanted to learn to knit while riding a unicycle, we would have to master each of the skills separately before we could combine them. We wouldn't practice riding while we're learning to hold the needles. No, we would first learn to ride masterfully, and then to knit again masterfully, and then we would finally combine.

Inspiring Anew the Homeschool Mom

We went on vacation to my grandparents' lake house, and I diligently planned my own vacation for this trip. It made such a difference! Jeremy gets to fish, cook, and take the kids fishing. Usually, I just go with the flow and do the laundry. You know what I mean? I usually keep doing the same mothering just in a different place.

Till We Have Faces ~ A Book Review

I went to the library the other day with just the two big kids. I had a few minutes to pick out a book for myself, even though I've got a pile of books I'm already trying to read. But I wanted something that would keep me up at night, you know what I mean?

English Grammar

Ahh, English. You know, I read the other day that English is pretty remarkable in the language world for its longevity. And it is pretty cool that we can read Shakespeare that was written 400 years ago and still understand it (especially with a little practice). With that in mind, it's no wonder that the study of English can be daunting.