Esmond's 2018-19 Plans

The stomach bug almost killed me this past weekend, but I survived and have finally finished Esmond's plans. Which means I'm done with school planning for the summer!

Gideon's 2018-2019 Plans

For Gideon, who will be doing his 5th grade year, I used some of Eowyn's books and then gave Gideon some of his own. His 4th grade year was a big year for him. At the beginning of the year, he wouldn't do any school work unless I was sitting next to him. But we worked through the year on making him more independent, and sure enough by the end, he was doing much of his work on his own.

Eowyn's 2018-2019 Plans

I'm going to share Eowyn's because I finished those first.

Plans for 2018-19

One of the best things I've done for our homeschool is planning out every week's work last year. I couldn't really believe I'd gone that far last year and I wasn't really sure that we would actually be able to do it. But, we did. And it was so incredibly helpful to know exactly what needed to be done each and every week.

Liturgies and Smoking

I've been thinking lately about what it is that liturgy does. Since liturgy is basically the habitual worship of God, the closest thing I can compare it to is smoking cigarettes, which I know seems weird, but hear me out.